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Hey, my name’s Jordan. Some of you might know me by other (pseudo)names, like Stryker, Kyle, 4554551N01, etc. While I primarily live on the computer, I do have a residence (IRL) on North Carolina. (I’ve lived in Central Florida and South Florida, but up here it’s a little different.) I have interests in primarily 4 things: Serving my glorious Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ; (learning to) program; making digital art of many kinds (typically graphics); and building stuff, particularly robots. These interests come together in a few different ways: NXT (programming+building robots), engineering (programming+building stuff), and videogame design (programming+digital graphic art). Currently, I just write home-made software (otherwise known as “homebrew”) for the Nintendo DS, but I hope to expand to iProducts as well (hey, it never hurts to make a little money, right?).

There’s not much else about me that I can think of, but sorry if I left something out. Feel free to send me an email ( if you wanna say anything.

  1. This is a useless comment. Ignore it. I just had to leave a comment to sign up for new post notifications… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • If you had a WordPress blog, you could just subscribe. ๐Ÿ™‚ But thanks for subscribing! Unfortunately, due to my computer(s) being down, I won’t be updating for a little while.

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