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NXT 3D Object Realtime Rendering (and other cool stuff!)

May 2, 2013

So, I was showing a friend something and thought y’all might like to see it too. I’m just simply grabbing the data from the accelerometer, doing some very basic math to turn it into angles (I like to do things with the least amount of math possible) and then rendering!

(Update: here’s the code if anyone wants to poke around in it.

Sadly my screen is broken so I’m just remotely viewing the NXT screen; due to several factors there is some noticeable lag. I am looking into getting rid of that.

Anyways, I’ve got some other odds and ends on the topic of rendering things. Here’s a little sample!

3D renders: Part 1
3D renders: Part 2
3D renders: Part 3
3D renders: Part 4
3D renders: Part 5


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