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April 21, 2013

Note: Please watch in HD

So! This is the first thing I make after my long hiatus. Of course, another balancing bot.

I’m very, very pleased with the stability of this one. It’s only using a gyroscope, although you will see an accelerometer, it is not actually plugged in. That is for other projects.

Anyways. This bot is actually kind of unique in the way it begins balancing. Usually when you have a segway-style bot like this, whatever position you start in is saved, and it attempts to maintain that position. So, if your robot is a little off-balanced when you start it, it will drift and/or fall in that direction.

However! This one actually doesn’t do anything based on what angle you start it out at; when you start it, it will soon detect that it’s falling, and overcompensate. Then when it switches and is falling the opposite direction, right at that moment when it’s between the two, it is perfectly balanced. It grabs that data and uses that for reference, instead of it’s starting point.

Then, once it finds true balance and stabilizes, it holds the location, rather than drifting around. (Hooray for PID that finally works, hah!)

This was the fastest thing I could throw together, and even on a solid surface it operates very, very well. Much better than that old light sensor one… 😛

I have big plans for this one and will be hopefully adding bigger wheels and potentially altering the structure a bit, but for now it is really stable and works great.


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