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Minor update… :(

December 20, 2011

So, it turns out the HiTechnic Gyro Sensor is an analog, single-axis sensor. Argh. I bought the Accelerometer and Gyro (in that order) because I thought they were both 3-axis. *sigh* oh well….

So now back to the drawing board. I think I’ll try and sell the accelerometer+gyro for a little over half-price, and buy the Dexter Industries IMU sensor, which packs a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyro on one board, along with a bright blue LED. All on one port! Fantastic.


So if my friend doesn’t want to buy the sensors, next I’ll try my readers, then MiBo people, then Craig’sList, then BrickLink. Ugh. I so want to get rid of these. :/


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