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October 6, 2011

Do I actually have any readers? I’ve been severely slacking off here (sorry) and was wondering if I should just shut the blog down. I haven’t touched my NXT’s software in forever, too, due to some compiler issues.


Thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated. I’ll probably just end up closing this down and doing stuff only on MindBoards.


– Stryker


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  1. I read it if that makes any difference 🙂


  2. So do I.
    You should keep up this blog.

  3. Perhaps I’ll try to keep this thing going.

  4. Me too 🙂

  5. BTW, please visit my site:

  6. Oh, and BTW, I have started making grayscale NXT games. It’s really, really cool!! You should help. There are 4 colors: Black, dark gray, light gray, and white.

  7. Glad to see I have a few fans. You guys cheer me up. 🙂

    New pics of something cool coming soon… and I’m actually gonna post this time. 😀

  8. Cool! So what do you think of the grayscale? Do you want me to show you what I have done?

    • I think that sounds fantastic! I think using Black/Gray/White can improve the framerate of stuff a little, but it really depends on the application. 😛 Esp. when you’re trying to shade/render boxes that aren’t just wireframes… but enough blabbering. I think the grayscale is a great idea and I would love to see what you’ve done with it.

  9. Is there a way for me to attach a photo? I have a picture taken of my NXT’s screen. How do I upload a picture?

  10. replied just too late. 😛
    I don’t think so, but if you email it I can post it in a blog post or something. 🙂

  11. ok, sure. Check your e-mail! 🙂

  12. Wait… What is your e-mail? BTW, I did not make the picture that is shown on the NXT, I just made the program for it and made it to be on the NXT.

  13. nevermind, got it. I just sent it!

  14. oops, I replied late. (I’m probably using too many comments…)

  15. You got it? So what do you think of it? Cool, eh? Well, that was just a grayscale picture, not game…

  16. I was about to say you weren’t using too many comments, but then I couldn’t keep up. O.O

    I got it, yes, but I haven’t opened it yet. I’ll get to it withing 5 minutes, I’m terribly busy right now. 😦

  17. So I can convert any 100×64 or less picture into grayscale on the NXT. You could have a whole library of grayscale NXT pictures. It stinks that you cannot use grayscale because your NXT screen is broken…

  18. It worked out nicely. 🙂

  19. Ok,sure. 🙂

  20. just tell me when you see it.

  21. I did, and I said, It worked out nicely.

    as for your other question/comment:
    Yes, and I routinely convert pictures much larger than 100×64. 😛 sometimes like 1280×1024, but that’s a bit much sometimes. And you end up with weird cropping issues. LOL

  22. Wait…so you have opened it? …sorry i’m so confused…I shouldn’t be…. 😦

  23. Oh, I didn’t see that you commented before…
    Isn’t it cool?

  24. Yes, it is cool. Now I’m going to go back to getting that picture ready…

  25. Alright, so I’ve got a set of pictures picked out and cropped down for PhotoShopping. Anything bigger than my screen won’t open in PhotoShop because my computer is so slow, and I take 3 Mp photos, so that’s about 3.5x – 4x the size of my screen. After cropping, the selected image pair is about 1/2 my screen… I hope PhotoShop will open both. 😀

    Once I get home today, which I hope to get home around 3pm EST, I’ll finish up a little homework and then merge the two pics, then post them. Then get to work with the next post and the rest of the pics.

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