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QuickUpdate: E

July 27, 2011

Wow, I never knew vacation was so exhausting! Sorry I haven’t done more QuickUpdates. This one comes to you from Miami, Florida. The Sunshine State–and the Mosquito state. 😦 As I type this I’m wishing we had some Caladryl.

Anyways. The stuff you’ve been waiting for: a little something that inspired Festo. Sorry I’m such a horrible videographer, as I’ve never done this before. 😦 I need to get in some practice before next time. 😛 Anyways, here are two videos that I made (the first with my phone, then the second with a real camera). They show the structural components/idea(s) behind the structure. Enough blabbering, please try to enjoy them.

First Video:

Second Video:

I feel greatly sorry that they are both such low quality. I have no video editing software that runs on my ancient computer, and while I’m great at editing audio, I have no way of separating the audio from the video, so both are bad. 😦

So, I think I had the links to everything/everyone necessary in the video descriptions. If not, just email me or post a comment and I’ll update everything.

So, *yawn*, this is to help hold you all over until I’m home again and can finally take the necessary vids/pics to finish the real post. 🙂

Until then,
– Stryker

P.S. Has anyone figured out the hidden letters yet? There are two per post. And, using the transcribed captions on my videos is horrible 😦


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  1. I know it! Am I allowed to say?

    • Good for you! I was hoping someone would mention it eventually…

      Unfortunately I’m on vacation ’til next week, so I can’t finish it until then 😦

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