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QuickUpdate: I

July 22, 2011

Alright, so I felt bad about declaring suddenly that I didn’t have a ‘bot to show you. So, while chatting with a friend over a game of bowling, we started sharing building tips, and I threw together a robot to showcase some of the cooler ideas we came up with: speed and balance. So, you get a cool robot, a cool method for attaching parts, a cool secret-ish project, and a second cool secret project (the one with the hidden letters). So much content, all in one post!


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  1. speed and balance? I like that 🙂 kinda segway like or is that classified? 😛

    • In a way, yes, it is similar to a segway, but more because the ‘bot is already balanced. It’s not self-balancing. (At least, not until I buy some gyros…)

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