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QuickUpdate: E

July 18, 2011

Okay, so my newest robot isn’t coming along very well. I kinda don’t have the right parts, and I don’t have enough parts to simulate the right ones. 😛

Alas, I’m coming up with something new. It’s actually kinda old; in fact, it’s at least 4,000 years old (or however long ago God created the earth), since it’s derived from something that’s been around since the beginning of time–give or take a few days. It’s somewhat useful as a passive component. I won’t say more until the next QuickUpdate.

Until next time,
– Stryker


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  1. The most reasonable estimate for the earth’s age that I have heard is ~6000 years.

    Hmmm, another mystery item. Is it, ummmm, ahhhh, some sort of light?

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