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Updates: Coming Soon to a Blog Near You!

July 15, 2011


My computer(s) have some (major) problems, and I’ve been temporarily caught up in fixing them and haven’t had much time to work on NXT stuff lately. Now, this doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing anything, I’ve just been busier than usual with non-NXT stuff. In fact, I’m (hopefully) getting a laptop/new computer for college soon (classes start August 19th!) and should be up-and-running again by then. My next post should talk about something cool that I’ve worked on awhile ago–in fact, before I ever got my NXT! I was working with Festo‘s Bionic Learning Network on something. I won’t say much, but it’s all over their site. However, they had a different vision for the design and have applied it in a different way. I have recreated the design in LEGO form (on a larger-than-life scale) and have been working with DiMastero (WordPress, YouTube) on the idea for quite some time now.


My next post or two should contain more information about this Festo contraption, as well as some new super-awesome NXC things my older bro and I have been developing lately. Here’s a tantalizing hint: We’re making a r*a* *h*s*c* *n*i*e. More letters coming with each post. 😛


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  1. this post? I checked, but I didn’t get any pingbacks afaik. The only place I get pingbacks is actual posts, not my blog itself.. I’m not sure tge system works that well, cuz I’ve tried pingbacking other people myself, and they never got anything either :/

  2. Ooooo, a mystery! Interesting…
    I’m glad to hear you’ll hopefully get a new computer!

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