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February 24, 2011

Well, I accidentally uploaded some code that doesn’t even compile. :facepalm: I am very, very sorry about that.

This code, however, not only works but also works well:
int x, x1, x2;
int new_x;
task main(){
SetSensorLight(S2, true);
PlayTone(440, 25);
PlayTone(440, 25);
PlayTone(600, 50);
x1 = SensorRaw(S2);
x2 = SensorRaw(S2);
x = (x1 + x2)/2;
OnFwd(OUT_BC, ((1023 – ((x – ((GetOutput(OUT_B, RotationCount) / 128)) – (SensorRaw(S2)))) * 4) ^ (1/2)));

While I’m still tweaking some of the values (128 and 4, to be specific), this works better than I had ever imagined, for a few reasons. First, I am not a programmer; I am a newbie. Second, The light sensor programs I’ve seen and ran before didn’t work as well, but they were implementing full PID so they ran a little slower. Third, I’ve never done anything other than just P before, so adding my version of I was…. frustrating.

P.S. This setup is for a Light Sensor placed near the robot. A new one with the sensor farther away is in the works as well.


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